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Antoinette Helbing

Summer Camp U26

Antoinette is a German dance artist based in Copenhagen. Her choreographic practice takes point of departure in the Feldenkrais method and invites the spectator to slow down and observe closely. Audience involvement is an integral part of her work – gently including the audience into experience by making them and their reactions visible and part of the performance. In 2021 she received the Wilhelm Hansen honor scholarship for her choreographic works.

Next to choreographing and teaching she works as dancer for Åben Dans Productions, Andreas Constantinou, Tina Tarpgaard and Kitt Johnson, as well as choreographic mentor for MYKA and Tora Balslev. 

Antoinette’s teaching unfolds in a broad field of contexts ranging from professional training at both companies and open classes at dance houses, in the frame of dance and theatre education and open workshops in which she shares her laughter practice. 

Her approach to movement is shaped by the Feldenkrais method, as Antoinette is currently training to become a Feldenkrais practitioner. She constantly expands her research on how to incorporate the method into her teaching practice. It’s her desire to foster playfulness, joy, imagination, curiosity, ease and freedom. The movement material that she chooses for her teaching facilitates confusion, making mistakes, meeting the place of not knowing and the unstable – as places of learning and finding new ways of being with the body in movement. Playing and exploring are the ground pillars of her classes.
When working with fixed movement material, she’s interested in creativity in the execution of the movement. Using simple movement patterns to explore the process of making movements pleasurable, light and curious.

She’s regularly giving classes at Dansehallerne Copenhagen, Danish Dance Theatre, The Danish National School of Performing Arts, Danscentrum Syd, Skånes Dansteater, Danscentrum Stockholm, Akademiet and Forsøgsstationen 
as well as Awareness Through Movement lessons with the Feldenkrais method.