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Classes take place from Monday to Friday in the mornings and also between 16pm and 20pm, and can be extended to Saturdays in case of Master Classes or Workshops. Daily classes including contemporary techniques, classical ballet, improvisation techniques, creative task skills, plus extra practices such as yoga. Our extra ballet classes take place in the morning from 7:30 - 9:00 and regular classes take place in the afternoon between 16pm and 18pm and are followed by extended workshops and choreographic developments with prominent national and international choreographers.

Our ensemble is still scheduled to perform more than 15 performances during the year 2023, which includes weekend dates and trips, all announced in advance and soon available on our calendar. The Pre-Professional Year program offers a myriad of opportunities for dancers to perform formally and informal settings

Our cast is scheduled for 3 premieres in the year 2023, with unpublished works and also a revival of renowned choreographers. During the rehearsals dancers learn repertoire from Renowned Companies and has contact director artistic staff, as well as on-stage and off-stage experiences at professional levels of quality, performance and demand.

Our meetings, updates and individual follow-ups seek to guide each of our artists in a unique way, building from the curriculum to the letter of possible future working, mapping the best strategies for each one goals.