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The Story of AMOK

The Royal Danish Theatre Ballet School, Odense and Odense Katedralskole started the dansegrunduddannelsen (DGU) in August of 2014. DGU is a 4-year school education combined with a basic education in classical ballet and modern dance and is SU-approved.

In order to oversee the daily functioning of DGU, the Royal Danish Theatre Ballet School, Odense started the Akademiet for Moderne dans Og Klassisk ballet, also known as AMOK.

DGU - the only one in the country

The education is unique in Denmark and some pioneering work has been invested in it. It has been made possible through the cooperative effort of the leading voices in the field of dance education.

“DGU has been a desire of The Royal Danish Theatre Ballet School, Odense for a long time. It is fantastic that it has finally succeeded and we look forward to offering skilled dancers the opportunity to realize their dreams on a high level, coupled with a basic education (studentereksamen) in Odense” says Ballet Master at The Royal Danish Theatre, Nikolaj Hübbe.

“It is a totally unique education in that it is SU-approved and can’t be found elsewhere in Denmark. It fills a void in the dance world - the missing link in a dancer’s education - and we are pleased and very proud to play such a large part in the education. It was vital that the education was located in the middle of the country because it is intended for dancers throughout the country”, says Academy leader Inge Fjord.

“The students will have a busy week, with 16 hours of school work mixed with 15 hours of dance classes”, says principal Jens Berthelsen, Odense Katedralskole.

Inge Fjord, principal of The Royal Danish Theatre Ballet School, Odense and artistic director of AMOK DGU says, “In order to give modern dance and its practitioners the same opportunities as other art forms, we wanted to create a milieu for modern dance education. We wanted to educate the best dance students in modern dance and ballet through the coaching of a faculty of high-profile teachers. We wanted to be frontrunners for the development of the future’s professional dancers.”

About Odense Katedralskole 

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